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Medicaid Rehab in NJ New Life Partners with Pennsylvania Recovery Center

SPEAK TO ADDICTION PROFESSIONAL NOW Marlton, New Jersey – New Life Medical Addiction Services, a leading provider of comprehensive addiction treatment solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with Pennsylvania Recovery Center, a renowned addiction treatment provider based in Phoenixville, PA. This strategic alliance marks a significant step towards expanding access to quality addiction treatment…

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Understanding The Detox Process for Drugs & Alcohol

Understanding the Detox Process Whenever someone uses a substance, like alcohol or opioids, there are physical and psychological dependencies that arise. And when that substance use becomes substance abuse, the odds that a person will need to undergo detox becomes a near certainty. The way our team at New Life Medical Addiction Services approaches detox…

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Addiction and the Holidays

Addiction and the holidays are tightly connected. For American families the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years is a stressful time for everyone. Many people struggle with all of the challenges that the season presents. From expensive gift giving to travel to dealing with difficult relatives and friends, many people find themselves just trying…

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SJ Distinguished Men 2019 – Dr. Joseph Savon, MD

SJ Distinguished Men 2019 – JOSEPH SAVON, MD – He wants to change the way we think about addiction. A gastroenterologist with more than 25 years of experience, Savon has treated countless patients with liver disease related to alcoholism. But by the time patients came to him, the damage was done – something he found…

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The New Face of Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is something that a lot of us don’t want to discuss or even think about. But when you, a loved one or someone who is important in your life finds that their use of alcohol, opioids or other substances becomes unhealthy it is a topic that can’t be avoided. Fortunately, New Life Medical…

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Binge Drinking – What is it?

Binge drinking in the United States one of the most common ways that alcohol is misused. Some people may be surprised to learn that more than half of all the alcohol consumed is done so during binge drinking sessions.  However, many people don’t know exactly what is meant by the term “binge drinking”. The Substance…

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