Medicaid Addiction Treatment

Until now, Medicaid addiction treatment in the United States has been substandard for many if not most patients. According to research done by Medicaid itself, “Substance Use Disorders (SUD) impact the lives of millions of Americans in the general population, including individuals that are enrolled in the Medicaid program. Nearly 12 percent of Medicaid beneficiaries over 18 have a SUD.” This represents a huge number of people who need care.

Not many people want to talk about it but treatment for substance abuse and addiction for Medicaid patients is usually provided at a lower level than for those paying with cash or with private insurance. These patients encounter facilities and treatment centers that are not providing the highest standard of care possible nor do they offer an environment that is conducive to a full recovery.

New Life Medical Addiction Services wants to change this. At New Life, our doctors and staff believe that every patient who is suffering from addiction to alcohol, opiates or other substances deserves the same level of care and treatment. When Medicaid patients come to our state of the art facility in Marlton, New Jersey, many of them are shocked by how nice our treatment center is.

We have specifically created an integrated medical facility and counseling center that is designed to provide our patients with the kind of nurturing and serene environment that will let them focus on their recovery and explore their addiction with the staff that is providing their care.

New Life’s comprehensive approach to outpatient addiction treatment focuses on proven Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) under a doctor’s supervision.  After an initial evaluation by New Life’s medical staff, many of our patients start off with drug detox or alcohol detox. Our detox process is designed to minimize the discomfort that is usually associated with the detox process so that patients can focus on their recovery.

After completing detox, patients continue to engage with New Life professionals on an outpatient basis as they proceed with their recovery.  A critical element in this process is ongoing counseling that helps patients understand the root causes of their addiction and the triggers that result in their abuse of alcohol, heroin, fentanyl and other opioids.

The types of addiction counseling that New Life offers include:

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