Why IOP?

Here at New Life Medical Addiction Services, we offer IOP (Intensive Outpatient Services) in combination with many other proven successful interventions. Our sole aim is to treat everyone with a substance use disorder (SUD) who reaches out for help by providing each person the opportunity to achieve long term recovery.

Our IOP treatment team is well prepared to evaluate the most challenging cases, to help each person make well informed decisions about their healthcare, and to begin the journey toward a life free from active addiction. Our team endeavors to provide quality care in a warm and professional environment. The question is no longer WHY IOP? The question is WHY NOT IOP?

Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP) can make a world of difference for those persons who have been afflicted with the disease of addiction, as well as those living with co-occurring mental health concerns. This level of care provides a much-needed holding environment for individuals seeking to build a firm foundation in a new way of living through frequent contact with treatment providers.

Frequent contact with professional practitioners through comprehensive outpatient services also provides the individual with brief periods of separation from former routines that resulted in active alcohol or drug abuse. This increases the opportunity to introduce new activities of daily living, develop new routines focused on health and well-being, and thereby reduces the risk of relapse. Further, IOP participation affords people the opportunity to learn how to live where they live at the community level developing the necessary skills along with the emotional capacity to abstain from substance use in real time.

Intensive Outpatient Services provides services that are both educational and maturational. Simultaneously, IOP group participants develop a knowledge base about the disease of addiction and its manifestation as they collaborate with others who share a similar struggle. This collaboration permits emotional growth through open communication, active listening, and empathic understanding. The result is an expanded emotional range. This is imperative for the person in early recovery.

An expanded emotional range lends itself to greater affect tolerance, a vital coping strategy that reduces the risk of relapse into active substance use. During intensive outpatient group process participants learn what their personal motivations to use have been. As they explore options for managing their drive to use substances, they begin to strengthen their resolve. Incremental character building in this way increases confidence and bolsters determination to adapt and overcome promoting lasting change.

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IOP - Intensive Outpatient Services from New Life Medical Addiction Services

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