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Fentapills – What You Need To Know

The swift rise of Fentapills is as concerning as the fact that much of the distribution of these dangerous pills is happening online and to young people. Students, parents and anyone concerned about the nation’s opioid epidemic need to learn about the dangers posed by Fentapills. Fentapills – What Are They? The word Fentapill is…

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Xylazine/Trank–The Latest In The Battle Against Opioid Addiction

Trank in Fentanyl and Heroin During the past few years, a new drug called Xylazine, also known as “Trank”, has become pervasive among opioid users and it is especially prominent in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area. Cherry Hill Detox programs are often needed to help users get better and overcome withdrawal. The rise of…

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