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Dr. Joe Savon – A Life of Purpose

Dr. Joe Savon – A Life of Purpose To people who don’t know him, Dr. Joe Savon seems to live a charmed life. Not only is he one of South Jersey’s most esteemed Gastroenterologists, but he is also the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of New Life Medical Addiction services, which is gaining national recognition…

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Understanding The Detox Process for Drugs & Alcohol

Understanding the Detox Process Whenever someone uses a substance, like alcohol or opioids, there are physical and psychological dependencies that arise. And when that substance use becomes substance abuse, the odds that a person will need to undergo detox becomes a near certainty. The way our team at New Life Medical Addiction Services approaches detox…

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Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms – Understanding the Dangers

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms occur when someone who has been drinking large amounts of alcohol over a long period of time stops drinking abruptly. Although ceasing the use of many drugs can be very uncomfortable, alcohol is one of few addictive substances that can actually kill a person if they attempt an abrupt cessation of drinking…

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