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New Life’s Approach to Addiction Treatment in The Era of Covid-19

New Life’s role as an outpatient opioid and alcohol detox center means that we are faced with many challenges. However, what no one could anticipate was how the COVID-19 health emergency would impact addiction treatment. Fortunately, our team has been able to come up with a range of innovative solutions, which ensure that patients can…

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Dr. Joe Savon Named NJ Top Doc 2020!

For the 4th year in a row, New Life Medical Addiction Service’s Medical Director and Co-founder, Dr. Joseph Savon, has been named a NJ Top Doc 2020! We’re proud of this achievement but we’re not surprised. Dr. Joe has been a leader in our medical systems and local community for over 35 years and he…

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New Life Medical Addiction Services Peer Recovery Coach Program

New Life Medical Addiction Services is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive approach to Peer Coaching Support. Our new Peer Recovery Coach Program provides one-on-one Peer Coaching during and after treatment. This not only affords the greatest opportunity for recovery, but also minimizes the risk of relapse. Jeff Mullen is the architect of this new…

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