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Philadelphia’s Xylazine Drug Epidemic

Heroin used to be the drug of choice for opioid users in Philadelphia , but now, the Xylazine drug, also known as “Trank” or “Tranq”, has become pervasive among opioid users, especially in the City and South Jersey. Trank is an animal tranquilizer linked to thousands of drug overdoses in the Philly and South Jersey…

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PTSD in Veterans & Substance Use Disorder

PTSD in veterans is a growing problem that is sometimes accompanied by various forms of substance use disorder. Also, many veterans suffering from an addiction have co-occurring PTSD. PTSD can be caused by witnessing or participating in warfare or other violent or emotionally stressful situations. Although most cases of PTSD are the result of combat,…

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Todd Fedoruk on the Minnesota Wild Podcast

Listen into the Minnesota Wild hockey podcast as Todd Fedoruk discusses his time as an NHL enforcer on the Wild and his new role at New Life Medical Addiction Services. Click here to listen. Todd’s discussion of his New Life work starts at the 11:20 mark. Enjoy!

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