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Detox Centers Near Me – New Life Medical Addiction Services

People in South Jersey who search for detox centers near me need to learn about New Life Medical Addiction Services, located in Marlton, New Jersey. New Life and its team of skilled and compassionate physicians, medical professionals and addiction specialists provide a unique outpatient approach to treating addiction to alcohol, opioids, and other drugs. With…

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The Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

We receive a lot of questions concerning the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, which we will explore in this article. Alcohol withdrawal is a potentially serious condition that can occur in individuals who have been drinking heavily for an extended period of time. Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe and can even be life-threatening…

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Detoxing From Alcohol – What You Need To Know

Detoxing From Alcohol When someone who has alcohol use disorder (AUD) tries to quit drinking, the very first step in the treatment process is detoxing. What Is Detoxing From Alcohol? Detoxing from alcohol is the crucial initial stage in treating alcoholism and AUD. The detoxing phase is where the alcohol is completely flushed from a…

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Valeryl Fentanyl – The Latest Opioid Threat

One of the dangerous opioid variants making the news is valeryl fentanyl. Valeryl fentanyl is not as widely used or as well-known as some other synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl or carfentanil. However, it has been identified in a number of drug seizures and overdose cases in various parts of the world and increasingly in…

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