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Ambulatory detox from New Life Medical Addiction Services is an outpatient medical treatment program for those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Some people may be confused by the phrase “ambulatory detox” but what it means is that our patients are able to receive detox and addiction treatment from our doctors and counselors during the day and then return to the comfort of their homes and families at night. We sometimes refer to this as “DayTox”.

Ambulatory detox is also known as “outpatient treatment” by many people and the essence of this approach is that, instead of checking into an expensive 30-day rehab in some other part of the country, our patients get to enjoy personal freedom during their detox and rehab phase while staying close to their friends, families, jobs and support networks.

Ambulatory detox at New Life Medical Addiction Services allows patients to recover in comfort

The relaxation rooms at New Life Medical Addiction Services allows our patients to receive ambulatory detox treatment in comfort

Detox and withdrawal management is the first stage for many of our patients who are suffering with addiction. These are uncomfortable processes for many people, and, in the case of alcohol detox, it can be too dangerous to do on one’s own without medical supervision. New Life provides the medical treatment and therapeutics that make the withdrawal process safe and effective.

Therapy is also an essential part of the addiction recovery process and can be undertaken at New Life either through individual sessions or in groups. At New Life, therapy is very closely integrated with medical treatment which gives our patients the best chance for a full and rapid recovery.

Since ambulatory detox is local to our patients in South Jersey, we are better able to involve the patient’s family and support network in the care. Involving those closest to a patient in the detox, rehab and recovery process can have dramatically positive results and allows the patient to see how their efforts are having a positive impact on those who are closest to them.

Once the treatment is done for the day, the patient can head home to an environment that is less-restrictive and more cost-effective than a traditional 30-day inpatient treatment center. The sense of comfort and familiarity, as well as the financial savings makes ambulatory detox at New Life Medical Addiction Services the right choice for many people who are suffering from dependence on drugs and alcohol.

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Below are more pictures New Life’s comfortable surroundings for ambulatory detox.

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