Former Flyer Todd Fedoruk Joins New Life as VP – Client Relations

Todd fedoruk

New Life Medical Addiction Services is proud to announce that former Philadelphia Flyer Todd Fedoruk has joined its team as Vice President of Client Relations.

“We are so happy to have Todd on the New Life team” says Joel Albano, New Life Co-Founder. “Todd is a great fit for our culture and our mission to bring sobriety to those who want it” says Joel. “Not only is Todd a wonderful motivator and someone who understands addiction to drugs and alcohol at a fundamental level, he is also a great person.”

Many people in South Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area will remember Todd from his 7 years on the Philadelphia Flyers. Todd was a legendary tough guy on the team, and his fights on the ice were the stuff of sports legend.

Today, Todd has taken his fighting spirit to the world of addiction and recovery. In his role as VP of Client Relations, Todd brings a mix of kindness, conviction, wisdom, and strength to every client interaction. As Todd likes to say, he brings a “blue-collar” work ethic to everything he does. At New Life, that means Todd is a tireless advocate for our patients and their recovery and he proves it every day. In fact, it is not unheard of for Todd to personally pick up a client in need and bring them to our Marlton detox and recovery center.

At Todd’s core is a deep sense of compassion and connection with our clients. “You can’t lie when it comes from the heart. I love what I do, and my mission is to maximize my usefulness to others.”

Todd himself has become embedded into our area that, after his NHL career, he and his family put down permanent roots in South Jersey. For Todd, this is critical since he believes that fixing problems at the local level is part of his mission.  “My focus is on helping others in my community and in my neighborhood. This disease doesn’t discriminate. Almost everyone I meet has someone in their life who is suffering. But the message I like to convey is that there is a way back and there is always hope. People need to hear that, especially in the times we live in.”

Todd’s wisdom and spirituality are strengths that many of our clients have come to respect and gravitate to. “I would like to believe that my closeness to God, whatever that might mean to each person, allows me to forge a greater connection to people in recovery. I can walk into a room full of people and know which ones are struggling with addiction and which of those is ready to make a change in their lives.”

Todd is a gifted public speaker and regularly appears in front of groups and on podcasts.

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