Introducing DayTox℠ from New Life Medical Addiction Services

Daytox Outpatient addiction treatment from New Life Medical Addiction Services

Introducing DayTox from New Life Medical Addiction Services. What is DayTox? DayTox is a new way of recovering from drug and alcohol abuse while staying at home with those you love.

When most people think about drug and alcohol detox or rehab, they think that they need to go to an expensive 30-day rehab that is far from their home, thus taking them away from their families, jobs and communities. Now, with the new out-patient recovery approach pioneered by New Life, patients can come to our facility during the day to receive treatment and then go home in the evenings to recover with their loved ones.

“DayTox is a more accessible level of care for people who suffer from substance abuse. Patients come to our medical facility during the day, receive the care they need, and then go home at night.” Explained Todd Fedoruk, New Life’s Chief Operating Officer. “For the average working person who is has not reached rock-bottom in addiction, it is important to know that they can arrest that downward spiral without having to go to 30-day inpatient treatment center.”

New Life employs the latest standard of care in the medical and therapeutic approaches to addiction treatment. We are state licensed and use the same medications that one would receive as in-patient, and our caring staff is focused on helping our patients return to a normal life as soon as possible.

As Todd Fedoruk says, “we want our patients to be able to stay with their family and remain productive while they are doing one of the hardest things one can do – recover from addiction! At New Life, we ease the transition back to a normal life.”

New Life Medical Addiction Services provides outpatient treatment in Southern New Jersey. To learn more about New Life’s DayTox addiction treatment program, call us today at: 856-942-3700or send us a Text Message


DayTox outpatient addiction treatment at New Life Medical Addiction Services

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