Congressman Andy Kim Visits New Life Medical Addiction Services

Congressman Andy Kim at New Life Medical Addiction Services

Congressman Andy Kim from New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District recently toured New Life Medical Addiction Services’ Marlton, NJ facility to meet with the staff, discuss the current state of addiction treatment in the U.S. and to learn how New Life is offering a fresh approach to patient care.

Dr. Joe Savon, Joel Albano and Todd Fedoruk met Andy Kim at the future site of Jeff’s Camp, which will be a refuge in the Pine Barrens for homeless U.S. military veterans.  Intrigued by what he heard from the New Life Team at Jeff’s Camp and how New Life might help, Congressman Kim asked to see the New Life team and facility in action.

Accompanied by some of his team, Andy Kim asked a lot of questions and showed why he is considered to be one of the most engaged Congresspeople in the country.

When asked about his thoughts on addiction treatment in the U.S., Congressman Kim said “during my time in Congress so far, I’ve attempted to understand what our game plan is as a country on this because it doesn’t feel that we have one. That’s what I find so frustrating. If you were to ask me if we have a singular document or playbook that we’re going off of that’s looking at these issues in a comprehensive way, we really don’t.”

Congressman Andy Kim and Dr. Joe Savon discuss addiction treatment in New Jersey

Congressman Andy Kim and Dr. Joe Savon discuss addiction treatment in New Jersey and how New Life’s unique approach to outpatient care is changing the delivery of care to people who are suffering from addiction.

Dr. Savon explained to the Congressman some of the challenges and limitations to the way that addiction care is being delivered in America. “Our out-patient approach to addiction let’s us help people earlier in the process, before they reach the emergency room where the costs sky rocket. This new facility we created allows us to provide an unprecedented level of care in a beautiful setting where patients can relax and focus on their treatment and therapy. Then, after they have received their care, our patients return home to recover with the people who love them. It’s a win for the patient and win for insurers – both of which can avoid the high cost of a traditional 30-day inpatient treatment center.”

Congressman Kim went on to ask about how quickly New Life can help someone struggling with addiction and Dr. Savon had a simple, one-word answer – “Immediately”.  “The New Life Team is available 24/7 and we can provide care and counseling faster than any other addiction treatment center we know of. It’s our life’s work” said Dr. Savon, who, along with Joel Albano, founded New Life in late 2018.

“The reason I was asking how quickly people can access (New Life’s) services is because, when I talk to people that have had problems, that is one of the first things that I hear about”, said Congressman Kim. They will say to me “I reached out for help and I was told that they didn’t have a place for me in their facility or that I couldn’t start treatment for a another couple of weeks. Its helpful to connect with you all and certainly I want to be as helpful as I can and I would love to get your thoughts on lessons learned and bring it into other areas.”

Andy Kim meets with patients at New Life Medical Addiction Services

Congressman Andy Kim and his staff meet with patients in one of New Life’s recovery and relaxation rooms.

Andy Kim meets with New Life Medical Addiction Services

Andy Kim meets with Alex Pappaterra, who is a huge Andy fan!

Click here to watch Alex explain his experience at New Life to Congressman Kim.

Joe Savon meetis with Congresssman Andy Kim

Dr. Joe Savon explains to Andy Kim the innovative approach that New Life has developed for outpatient treatment of addiction to alcohol, opioids and other drugs.

Everyone at New Life is appreciative of Congressman Kim’s interest in its outpatient drug addiction treatment center and we hope that this is just the beginning of a long relationship.

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