New Life’s Approach to Addiction Treatment in The Era of Covid-19

New Life Medical Addiction Service

New Life’s role as an outpatient opioid and alcohol detox center means that we are faced with many challenges. However, what no one could anticipate was how the COVID-19 health emergency would impact addiction treatment. Fortunately, our team has been able to come up with a range of innovative solutions, which ensure that patients can continue to receive the highest level of care in this incredibly difficult time.

The first challenge we tackled was getting patients approved for care even if they can’t come to our facility. Using Zoom and other remote tele-meeting services, New Life is able to approve and onboard a patient in as little as one to two days. This includes patients who use Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and even cash-paying patients.

Depending on the level of care that a patient needs, they will meet via tele-health systems with a doctor and or a counselor for an evaluation. All that the prospective patient needs is access to a smart phone, tablet or computer that has a front-facing camera so that they can meet with us via Zoom. Joining a Zoom conference is very simple but if any patient has a problem connecting, we have technical support people who will help them get set up. If this proves problematic for any reason, New Life is also able to work with patients over the phone.

For those patients who want or need addiction treatment and want to be cared for inside our facility, we have a process for allowing up to 3 patients to be safely seen in our office at a time.

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In contrast to many 30-day inpatient treatment programs, New Life Medical Addiction Services is committed to providing people with a clear path to personal success after they have finished our treatment program. We understand the challenges that our patients face when they leave the confines of a structured program and need to confront life on its own terms. Not only do our counselors teach patients the life skills they will need to stay clean and sober, but they are ready to provide continuing support, well after a patient has moved onto the path of recovery.

To care for patients once their immediate situation has been addressed, New Life is offering Peer Coaching for up to 2 years. Peer Coaching is conducted on a one-on-one basis where our counselors really get to know our patients and provide them with the support they will need to avoid the pitfalls that addicts often encounter when they leave treatment.

Because of our high bar for patient care and because of the steps we have taken to keep our clients safe during this time of unprecedented circumstances, New Life has attracted the attention of many different governmental, business and labor groups who are all eager to see our medically proven model of addiction care become the standard.

We are pleased to announce that we are now partnering with Project Save (Substance Abuse Visionary Effort). We are also now affiliated with the IME and their 24-hour hotline and are working with the Division of Youth and Family Services and other Burlington, Camden and Gloucester County programs that place patients in need. These entities all see value in the New Life model of care for the patient communities that they serve.

To speak to someone at New Life, call us at: 856-942-3700 or send us a Text Message. Someone is available to talk 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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