Addiction Help in Marlton, New Jersey

Addiction Help

Addiction Help in New Jersey

Addiction help, in the form of medically proven techniques and treatments, is now available in Marlton, New Jersey.

New Life Medical Addiction Services, located in the Elmwood Medical and Business Complex 773 Route 70 East in Marlton, New Jersey, offers medically assisted treatment for patients who suffer from addiction to alcohol and opioids.

New Life’s outpatient approach is especially valuable for people who can’t commit to a 30-day inpatient rehab or who want to work on their addiction from the comfort of their own homes. This is especially true for busy executives, high school or college students or anyone who needs to stay working while they engage in their recovery from dependence on drugs or alcohol.

New Life’s approach is different from traditional drug rehab centers. Our caring staff prepares a comprehensive assessment for each of our patients at the time of their admission. This allows us to determine the appropriate level of care that an individual requires based on the severity of their symptoms, daily functioning and their personal preferences.

Once our evaluation is completed, we will then share our findings and admission criteria with you to discuss treatment options.

New Life’s programs embrace a unique, person-centered recovery approach which encourages patients to be active participants in their own treatment. Additionally, we provide ambulatory Medically Monitored Withdrawal Management (detoxification for alcohol and opiates) along with Medication Assisted Treatment services.

To speak to someone at New Life, call us at: 856-942-3700 or send us a Text Message.

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